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Dear Friends,

Cultura Plenera is our effort to present our musical culture which we love so much and identifies us a Puerto Ricans. Our main focus is in the area of Washington D.C. y Baltimore, Maryland. We are a non-profit organization and our intention is to educate and promote our culture through the most authentically Puerto Rican music of our precious island: Bomba and Plena. We hope that by doing this, bomba and plena will be transferred to new generations and will be preserved perpetually.

We invite you to our events. Should you have question please feel free to contact Cultura Plenera at (410) 428-8383, via email at, or our Facebook page (Cultura Plenera).

We are at your service,

Xiomara E. Rivera
President, Cultura Plenera


You can support our cause by attending our Bomba and Plena events. You can also purchase tickets for Fiesta Boricua 2015. Thanks in advanced!!!

***Tickets for Fiesta Boricua 2015 are SOLD OUT***

Our Purpose


Cultural Promotion

Our Board

Xiomara Rivera, President

Marcos Virella, Vice President

Angel Rivera, Tresurer

Edwin Maysonet, Artístic Director

Hector Diaz, Artístic Director

Melany Rivera, Public Relations

Our Divisions

Cultura Plenera 

Los Hijo 'e Plena 

Our Events

For a listing of our upcoming events please visit our new Home Page:

Enjoy this plena which expreses perfectly how we feel!

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